What can we provide ?

We specialize in helping individuals to protect and preserve their hard earned assets they have spend accumulating during lifetime. We are passionate to ensure that the well being of a deceased’s family is well taken care of by drafting out a complete yet effective solutions for a smooth inheritance.

Estate planning can be made easy if everyone do it steps by steps. Estate planning can always start by writing a Will. A Will can ensure the beneficiary that you desire get what you deem they are entitle to and exclude those who you deem not fit for the entitlement. This means the testator owns the power to decide ‘who gets what’ after his/her demise.

But what happened to most individuals now is they directed most of their time and energy on accumulating assets. Some may extended their planning by protecting their assets and families using insurance. But many of us always forget the last part, the transfer of wealth if one day we leave the world unexpectedly.

There’s always in our mindset that we have to earn money everyday to put food on our table, maintain and keep on upgrading our current lifestyles, to take care our parents and children well being and so on. But we just forget or most of the time procrastinate to pen down in writing how are our assets going to distribute once we kick the bucket. This is because as a human, we always think that there’s tomorrow, and we fail to face the reality that ‘death is certain but time of death is uncertain’. And we always like to assume that our family will get our assets, no matter what.

Yes, you are right. Our family will get our assets end of the day. The question is ‘How Fast’? One month, one year or one decade? Will the family current lifestyles still protected with funds on hold ? Will everyone gets their share? What if I have a complicated family structures ( a divorce, married to another family, have 2nd family, a special kids or so on) ?

Hi, I’m Eunive, your trusted legacy advisor who always open my ears to listen to your inner concerns and then guide you along to map out the most suitable road map for you and your family. I always passionate to work together with you because I have faith in legacy planning framework. In financial planning we have 4 pillars: wealth creation, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution. The 1st three parts many people already well verse on it but many just tend to ignore the most important part which is wealth distribution. That is why in Malaysia we have RM60billion of unclaimed assets since Merdeka.

I believe no one would like their family lives to turn out miserable, they just do not aware and do not know where to start. I’m here to provide a clear picture on what is estate planning and how we can make use of it for our family to have a continuous support in life. But I need you to take action now and contact us for in depth consultation.

Bye for now and talk soon !

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