What is medical insurance ?

Medical insurance is designed to cover an individual’s bill on hospitalization, doctor fees, medical and surgical expenses. The coverage will vary depending on the type of plan taken. Premium charges will be different depending on age, occupation and how extensive is your coverage. 

Why is medical insurance important to us ?

Malaysia has experienced one of the highest medical inflation rates in the ASEAN region. Three insurance associations namely Life Insurance Association of Malaysia, Persatuan Insurance Am Malaysia and Malaysian Takaful Association, jointly revealed that premium rates have actually been increasing by an average of 12% per year due to high inflation in healthcare costs from 2010-2014. The cost of healthcare is rising on an average of 15% annually. This means that the cost of healthcare will almost double up every 6 years.

This is due to increasing demand for services from the affluent as well as higher incidences of chronic and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. Technological advances in healthcare and an increase in the cost of drugs and treatments also played a role in the premium rate rise.

Medical expenses are costly. 

Having medical insurance enables us to protect our wealth from being eroded. A person who has medical insurance tends to make faster decisions on treatment and surgical related matters because they are well aware that these expenses are to be borne by insurance companies, not digging out their hard earned money. The sooner you make a decision, the higher survival chances.

Lighten the financial burden of ourselves and also our care owners without impacting the well-being of others. This way we can save on hefty medical bills if unexpected events take place. At the same time, we can continue to support our family on daily household expenses. 

Medical cost is increasing more than double over the past 10 years. For example, an open heart surgery cost RM40,000 in year 2005 has escalated to RM65,000 in year 2015.

Don’t you think it is rather wiser that an individual take up medical insurance ? 

Don’t wait until the last minute, because medical insurance only covers healthy people. Once complications are involved, you might no longer fit to be covered.

Talk to us now! 

Your best interest is our top priority.


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