How FINANCIALLY PREPARED are we when facing unforeseen circumstances ?

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in Malaysia and the percentage of individuals getting diagnosed keeps on increasing. Globally 1 in 6 individuals was diagnosed with cancer. 

According to MNCRR report, top 10 most common cancer detected among Malaysian were breast cancer, colorectal, lung, lymphoma, nasopharynx, leukaemia, prostate gland, liver, uterus (cervical), and ovary,

According to Dr Noor Hisham, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer are the top three cancers among men, while for women, it’s breast, colorectal, and cervical cancer. The most commonly diagnosed cancers among children aged 14 and below, are leukaemia and spinal cord cancer, while lymphoma cancer commonly diagnosed by adolescents aged 15 to 24.

How much does it cost to pay for cancer treatment ? Cancer treatment may consist of surgery and radiotherapy. In some cases, immunotherapy and targeted therapy too. Here are some of the estimated fees incurred for cancer treatment done locally in Malaysia. 

Can you imagine how much it cost if the treatment were done overseas ? Is there any hidden cost ? Most cancer patients would like to try out some traditional medicine or therapy recommended by their friends and relatives. This amount of money doesn’t come cheap. 

Besides, one might need to hire a professional caretaker and helper to take care of their daily activities as well as household necessities. How about the continuous income stream ? If the cancer patient is unable to work, where would the income stream come from ? How financially prepared are we to face such an uncertainty ? 

Whether it is the cost of cancer treatment or the hidden cost, it can add up to a very significant amount. Don’t let the treatment cost to swallow all your hard earned money. Why do we need to use our own money, knowing that someone can help us pay for it with just minimal investment ? Find out more what’s best can we protect you! 

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