INFLATION runs way faster than SALARY increment, Do you have a solution on this matter ?

I believe when you went out to buy lunch or vegetables, most of the price has increased. When asked, they will reply : “We do not have a choice, material cost has increased too”. So what’s left for us as a purchaser ? Who will then bear our cost ?

What’s worst is the portion of food that you get in return of paying higher price is shrinking every time we face food increase. For example, chicken slice get thinner and thinner and ‘Yau Char Kwai’ you bought getting smaller and smaller.

Unfortunately, salary increment does not follow suits. Does your money works hard enough for you to catch up with the surge in food inflation? If it does not, do you map out a new plan to solve your concern?

Money does not grow in seconds. Even if it does, it may be based on speculation, windfall inheritance or jackpot which do not give you a recurring type of income. Money needs time to generate and grow to a substantial amount or to your desire amount of return but the thing is we have to plan ahead to achieve it.

It does not matter whether we are a business owner or a company employees, what matter most is how well we make our money grow for us when we have the capability to earn it. At times, some unexpected life events will occur and derail our earning capability process. One of the recent example is Covid-19 pandemic. Other unexpected life events may be health problems, economy uncertainty, VSS and many more.

Why money growing matters to me? First, if we don’t manage our money, purchasing power decrease. Second, to maintain and upgrade current lifestyle. Third, life is full or uncertainty, plan ahead financially to overcome it. Forth, we do not want to work forever.

If you sill in the midst of finding the best solution to grow your money, feel free to have a conversation with me on how to plan your financial and money allocation. The best plan is the plan which can solve your financial concern. I’m more than happy to work together with you to solve your financial concern.

Bye for now and hope to see you soon.

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