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A Quick View of Myself

My job is to help individuals to distribute the wealth that they unable to carry forward to their next life based on their wishes. Why do we need that ? Aren’t my family going to inherit the assets automatically ? First, assets inheritance is not automatic. One need to decide who shall you trust to distribute your wealth and who shall inherit. Or else, the court will help you decide which might not be your last wish. Secondly, assets won’t just disappear once the deceased leave this planet. Someone need to inherit it. Isn’t it better if we let our beneficiary received their entitlement with a peace of mind.

Deciding who shall benefit from your wealth is only one small part in estate planning. The next steps is to manage the debts one have in hand. This is because all debts need to be settled before distribution starts. If debts overlooked, wealth may risk of depletion. My job is to highlight to you the debts you should not overlooked and what are the financial tools you can use to mitigate your debts.

Estate planning do not just used to manage estates upon demise, it can help an individual to manage their wealth during their lifetime. Do you ever think of who shall manage our wealth if we become incapacitated or disabled ? No one have the rights to manage your wealth without your written consent/power of attorney. Setting up a Trust is one way an individual can plan how to manage their wealth if they themselves not fit to do so. My job is to help individual to fill up this gap.

Besides, one should look into how to manage their risk during lifetime. Death is certain, just that no one able to time when we will leave this planet. What we fear is what if we left this planet without manage to accumulate enough wealth to our loved ones and kids ? Who shall continue to take care of them financially ? Daily expenses, loans and kids education fees won’t stop just because of a person’s demise. How well have we prepared financially to deal with it ?

A simple Estate Planning definitely unable to address the above concern. You need to find an advisor who can guide you along the way, help you to pin point the grey areas that you might have miss out and ensuring you left behind tons of wealth to your loved ones.

Alright, I think that’s all for my introduction. We shall talk further when we meet. If you are currently looking for an advisor mentioned above, kindly contact me now. What I’m concern the most is the benefits of our loved ones are taken care of when one day we leave this planet. Leave with no regrets!

Bye for now and talk soon!


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