Life after retirement and why do we need to plan ahead.

When an individual falls into retirement age, it would means that no more consistent income coming into our bank account every month. Have you ever wonder how’s life will be after reach retirement age ? Is been human nature that we always look forward for a better tomorrow. We visualized great things and events thatContinue reading “Life after retirement and why do we need to plan ahead.”

7 reasons why you need Insurance in Estate Planning

Insurance is vital to blend in into your estate planning as it serve plenty of benefits. Insurance can make a small estate becomes big and protecting an estates which is larger in value. Besides, insurance can serve as an immediate funds used to payoff various expenses and debts. Why do we need immediate fund whenContinue reading “7 reasons why you need Insurance in Estate Planning”

Why do we need an estate plan

Wealth distribution There’s a saying that ‘We born with nothing and we leave with nothing.’ But fortunate enough, during the lifetime, every individuals in this world do create and accumulate some form of wealth before they leave the world. True enough that when leaving the world, no one able to bring along the wealth theyContinue reading “Why do we need an estate plan”

When a business partner exit the business unexpectedly

When a business is formed with friends, there’s when we need to take an extra steps to protect our shares for the benefit of our family members. Why do I need to do so? Write a Will and transfer the share to my next of kin. That’s all I need to do, isn’t it ?Continue reading “When a business partner exit the business unexpectedly”

Estate planning tips for parents with young children

As a parents we have a huge responsibilities towards our family. Our children depends on us to guide them along different stages of life, give them support mentally and financially. Parents would like to seem their children grow, further study in university, get married and have children. Sometimes in reality, what we often hope andContinue reading “Estate planning tips for parents with young children”

How to manage money wisely

Money is use to meet our emotional and psychological desires. Money provide certainty and security to our day to day life. We live our life more significance with money. Without money life can be miserable and out of control. As such, we shall manage our money wisely in order for the money to continue toContinue reading “How to manage money wisely”

How to create Emergency Savings

A survey done by RinggitPlus Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey (RMFLS 2020), 53% revealed that they would not able to survive more than 3 months if they lose their jobs. What’s more alarming is that 60% of respondents age 35 and below said they would not be able to survive longer than 3 months if theyContinue reading “How to create Emergency Savings”

Famous people who died without a Will in year 2020

During their lifetime, these celebrities might not have something in common but after demise, they all have things in common, which is they all died without having a Will. This means that the court will help them decide who gets what. The court will decide who shall take charge to manage and distribute their estates.Continue reading “Famous people who died without a Will in year 2020”

Saving for our kids education. Why do we need to do so ?

Are we able to assure that money is always with us when we need it the most ? Money is something that would come and go. A wealthy person today may lost part of the wealth due to economic crisis, just like Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, economic crisis do happened. What’s our concern is, doContinue reading “Saving for our kids education. Why do we need to do so ?”