Do you have enough to retire?

Covid 19 have change everyone’s life. Our daily life have to pause to give way to this Covid 19 pandemic. Same goes to our saving. For those elderly who save their money mostly in fixed deposits, they are having a tough time because of the reduce interest rates. Employers suffer due to unable to operateContinue reading “Do you have enough to retire?”

Life after retirement and why do we need to plan ahead.

When an individual falls into retirement age, it would means that no more consistent income coming into our bank account every month. Have you ever wonder how’s life will be after reach retirement age ? Is been human nature that we always look forward for a better tomorrow. We visualized great things and events thatContinue reading “Life after retirement and why do we need to plan ahead.”

How to manage money wisely

Money is use to meet our emotional and psychological desires. Money provide certainty and security to our day to day life. We live our life more significance with money. Without money life can be miserable and out of control. As such, we shall manage our money wisely in order for the money to continue toContinue reading “How to manage money wisely”

How to create Emergency Savings

A survey done by RinggitPlus Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey (RMFLS 2020), 53% revealed that they would not able to survive more than 3 months if they lose their jobs. What’s more alarming is that 60% of respondents age 35 and below said they would not be able to survive longer than 3 months if theyContinue reading “How to create Emergency Savings”

Challenges in Retirement Planning

With the advancement in healthcare innovation and technologies people tend to live longer. According to Department of Statistics Malaysia, males and females who reach the age of 65 are expected to live another 14.8 and 17.1 years respectively. Thus, males aged 65 years is expected to live until the age of 79.8 years and 82.1Continue reading “Challenges in Retirement Planning”